Castles EP

by Young Adult

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Young Adult's debut EP


released September 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Young Adult Kenosha, Wisconsin

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Track Name: This Home
Waiting for your call again
I'm sure my phone is not on silent
I'm sure you've got your perfect reasons
Waiting for tomorrows talk
The moment that you turn the tables
Make me believe that this was all my fault

I always knew how this would end
He was more than just a friend

I know this home
Can't compare to his
But you don't care to try at all

You can't take the weight
And I can't take the lies
So why am I sleeping alone?
Track Name: Get Out
Finally listen to the voices in my ears
Pack your bags and get out of here
Things are still foggy but there's one thing clear
I've gotta get out

These tiny towns I've had enough of them
Just speak easy darling and state the truth

While I'm counting passing cars
A thousand miles seems pretty far
I can feel it in the bottom of my heart
But up close it's a different scene
The pretty pamphlets all lied to me
We came
We saw
We left
Still unsatisfied

Finally listen to the beating in my heart
Pump my thoughts towards a brand new start

These tiny towns I've had enough of them
Just speak easy darling and state the truth
These tiny towns I've had enough of them
Lets escape now while we still have youth

Find a new home
Track Name: 2am
An attempt to fall asleep
To reach tomorrows calm
Trying to keep my cool
Facing an internal storm
Repeating the words you'd say
The sweet lie that we'd be okay

Alone with my thoughts again
An empty bed at 2am

While you're parading out on St Louis streets
I'm pacing corridors
Counting down calendar days until we meet
Take the time to leave behind
The ones you know
And let our love just grow
Track Name: Castles
We built our castle on a sand foundation
Thinking a beach would make a fine location
We watch the high tide wearing down our walls
Our medication became alcohol

Screaming slurred sentences to pass the blame
Screaming slurred insults to replace our old names
The words cut deep like well kept cutlery
Searing the pain into my brain the words you said to me

We both knew that we jumped into this too soon
The packed up suitcase hides inside the guest room
Our love was never enough

Our castle crashes down
10 years of work collapsed on conchs makes an empty sound
A roaring sea pulls in debris
Just like the love you gave to me
Track Name: Like I Do
Do you remember the words I said?
Love me instead
It's impossible for him
To love you like I do

Just a young man then
At a youth of seventeen
Four years doesn't change the feelings that you gave to me
Convinced I was in love
Time has proved it true
I'm so sure it wasn't lust
The only one for me was you
But you needed more
Than I had to offer

I wonder
Do I cross your mind?